Concussions and High School Athletes

There are more than 300,000 reported concussions every year in high school athletics in the United States. The hot topic for the last several years surrounding contact sports is management of those concussions, particularly when it comes to football players. But, did you know that football is NOT the top contact sport for concussions in … Continue reading Concussions and High School Athletes

Thoughts on Regenerative Medicine

Stem cell Therapy and Regenerative Medicine is a very exciting and emerging field of medical science for patients. It provides an alternative option before a surgical procedure is performed or recommended. The US has now caught up and is becoming a leader in these most innovative medical procedures. As a result, doctors now have the … Continue reading Thoughts on Regenerative Medicine

How Physical Therapy Changed my Life Forever

I grew up playing every sport that I could get involved in—dance, track, weightlifting, cheerleading, gymnastics, and other intramural sports. I tried them all. I was always active, sometimes going to multiple practices each night. I just loved being active in all forms, and I hated sitting still for too long. Starting in 1999, my … Continue reading How Physical Therapy Changed my Life Forever